Run Mhor Trilogy


Sun 24th Apr 2022

Hidden Glen 10K | Mhor 84 Half Marathon | Mhor Marathon
Limited Edition Run Mhor Trilogy T-Shirt (included)
+ What is the Run Mhor Trilogy?

The RUN MHOR TRILOGY is the ultimate Run Mhor challenge. It offers the opportunity to build up to running a marathon over the course of your season. Start with the Hidden Glen 10K in April, followed by the Mhor 84 Half Marathon in June and finally the Mhor Marathon in August. Each of the 3 events offers beautiful scenery, undulating and challenging routes and of course a spectacular finish location.

+ Do I get a special medal?

Trilogy runners who finish each event will receive a bespoke interlinking 3 piece Trilogy medal that will only be complete once they cross the Mhor Marathon finish line in August. They will also receive a limited edition Run Mhor Trilogy Finisher T-Shirt when they complete all 3 events.

+ What's included?
  • Guaranteed entry into the 3 events, all of which sold out in 2019.
  • Access to a ‘Closed’ Run Mhor Trilogy Facebook group where you can share your training tips, stories, advice and find out about other exclusive benefits…

  • A limited edition Run Mhor Trilogy event t-shirt.

  • Bespoke interlinking 3 piece Trilogy medal, earn 1 piece at each event!

  • Please see the individual event pages, which outline the facilities available at each.

  • T-shirts and hoodies for each of the 3 individual events can be purchased during online registration

+ Can I defer/transfer/get a refund?
  • The SAME runner must complete each of the 3 Run Mhor events, in order to complete the Run Mhor Trilogy.

  • Deferrals: If a Trilogy participant finds they are unable to take part in some or all of the Trilogy events they may request a deferral to the following year of the Trilogy, up until 1 month before the Hidden Glen 10K. Deferrals must be used the following year and cannot be deferred for a second time.

  • Transfers: If a Trilogy participant finds they are unable to take part in some or all of the events they may request to transfer their place to another runner, up until 1 month before the Hidden Glen 10K. Transfers can also be made on an event by event basis but will mean the original entrant is not a finisher of the Trilogy that year. 

  • Refunds: A refund of the full Trilogy entry fee can only be requested until 1 month BEFORE the Hidden Glen 10K. After this date refunds are no longer available. Refunds are subject to a 10% admin fee.

  • If you wish to request a deferral, transfer or refund please email [email protected]

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