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Hidden Glen 10K | Mhor 84 Half Marathon | Mhor Marathon
Limited Edition Run Mhor Trilogy T-Shirt (included)


  • Vivienne James (verified owner)

    Mhor trilogy was my first half and full marathon. I’m not a particularly experienced runner and was worried having heard horror stories of slower runners being left behind at bigger events. No need to have worried! The atmosphere and volunteers at all 3 events was brilliant. I wear my hoodie with pride and tell everyone about it!

  • Jean Wilson (verified owner)

    Brilliant in all ways. Fantastic folk, wonderful scenery and brilliant trails. Organisation is second to none; love the cheers at the end, the Pimms and the array of food and drinks. What better way to spend a Sunday?

  • Victoria Creanor (verified owner)

    This is a truly fantastic event. I have run a number of races with different organisers but I can honestly say these were the best by far. The routes are challenging but the scenery is spectacular, and the hills give you bragging rights! Friendly and enthusiastic marshalls helped make these events some of all my all time favourites. Th Pimms on the boat crossing at the end of the marathon was the icing on the cake! Great medals and t-shirts too.

  • kirsty ormond (verified owner)

    Fantastic series of events, loved each one for different reasons but great to build the distances and see the medal grow ! Some of the best team of Marshall’s and volunteers I’ve ever experienced, beautiful finish at mhor 84/ monachyle mhor with great food and facilities and some of the most stunning views throughout all 3 events !
    Each event was special in its own way but particularly enjoyed the boat crossing on the marathon !
    Would highly recommended!

  • Audrey Thompson (verified owner)

    What a fantastic series of events. The scenery is stunning, the organisers do a great job from car parking to the many water stops and marshalls and photographers and a great compère for the finish line. And where else do you get a boat across a river with a glass of Pimms at the 26 mile mark? Top marks all round

  • Jim Williams (verified owner)

    A great team running a fantastic series of races with the best marshals you could ask for. Oh, and of course stunning scenery and the delicious food at the end. Its the perfect combination for a brilliant day out.

  • Diane Gray (verified owner)

    This is a series of superb events.
    Great locations, beautiful scenery to distract you from the hilly routes.
    The organisation is second to none from sign up to finish.
    The volunteers are so encouraging and the water / food stops in marathon mean you do not need to carry any! Was well worth the 2.5 year wait to do it and so glad I did not opt to do the vitrual.
    Highly recommend this event.

  • Susan Allison (verified owner)

    The trilogy was so well organised, can’t thank you all enough, totally spoiled at the food stations, everyone involved was so supportive and made us feel special regardless of time.
    Well worth completing as the medals, T-shirts and hoodie are fab not forgetting the sweatband during the marathon.
    Routes are hard but scenery makes up for that.

  • Derek Millar (verified owner)

    What an amazing time this year at Run Mhor Trilogy. Great organisation & support at all the events. Thank you.

  • Danielle Dalgleish

    After 19 weeks of training, I finally got the whole set of medals for this event 🏅 The Hidden Glen 10K, Mhor Half Marathon and Mhor Marathon. As a relatively inexperienced and slower runner, I am absolutely done in but it was 100% worth it. The event is superbly organised with detailed information issued out in advance. There is a Facebook group where annoucements are made and participants can discuss and prepare for the event. There is plenty of advice for training and everything you’ll need to know for each event is covered, including route maps, Strava incline info, parking, etc. The marshalls for all 3 events were so friendly and kind. The marathon was especially fantastic I thought – there was lots of water stops and they were fully stocked with Active Root and snacks such as bananas, pretzels, sweets. If anyone fancies taking on this physical and mental challenge, I can assure you you’ll be safe and supported the entire time if you sign up for this Trilogy! I will not lie though they are not the easiest routes to do – the Hidden Glen 10K was a steep climb and on a roasting hot day, I didn’t know if I’d make it, and there are some steep areas along the Half and Marathon, but somehow that makes it all the “mhor” rewarding to complete. I live in Glasgow city and the scenery across these 3 routes is absolutely breathtaking – we really do live in the most beautiful country. I have now completely my marathon as part of this Trilogy, and what a first it was. I will be wearing my finisher’s t-shirt, hoodie and 3-piece medal with pride. In fact I will be buried wearing them. When it was over I said I’d never sign up again though, but that was my screaming legs doing the talking. I hope to sign up for 2023 event as soon as it’s available! Danielle D 🙂


    + What is the Run Mhor Trilogy?

    The RUN MHOR TRILOGY is the ultimate Run Mhor challenge. It offers the opportunity to build up to running a marathon over the course of your season. Start with the Hidden Glen 10K in April, followed by the Mhor 84 Half Marathon in June and finally the Mhor Marathon in August. Each of the 3 events offers beautiful scenery, undulating and challenging routes and of course a spectacular finish location.

    + Do I get a special medal?

    Trilogy runners who finish each event will receive a bespoke interlinking 3 piece Trilogy medal that will only be complete once they cross the Mhor Marathon finish line in August. They will also receive a limited edition Run Mhor Trilogy Finisher T-Shirt when they complete all 3 events.

    + What's included?
    • Guaranteed entry into the 3 events.
    • Access to a ‘Closed’ Run Mhor Trilogy Facebook group where you can share your training tips, stories and advice.

    • A limited edition Run Mhor Trilogy event t-shirt.

    • Bespoke interlinking 3 piece Trilogy medal, earn 1 piece at each event!

    • Please see the individual event pages, which outline the facilities available at each.

    + Can I defer/transfer/get a refund?
    • The SAME runner must complete each of the 3 Run Mhor events, in order to complete the Run Mhor Trilogy.

    • Deferrals: If a Trilogy participant finds they are unable to take part in some or all of the Trilogy events they may request a deferral to the following year of the Trilogy, up until 1 month before the Hidden Glen 10K. Deferrals must be used the following year and cannot be deferred for a second time.

    • Transfers: If a Trilogy participant finds they are unable to take part in some or all of the events they may request to transfer their place to another runner, up until 1 month before the Hidden Glen 10K. Transfers can also be made on an event by event basis but will mean the original entrant is not a finisher of the Trilogy that year. 

    • Refunds: A refund of the full Trilogy entry fee can only be requested until 1 month BEFORE the Hidden Glen 10K. After this date refunds are no longer available. Refunds are subject to a 10% admin fee.

    • If you wish to request a deferral, transfer or refund please email [email protected]

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