Mhor Marathon 2019 Race Report

What started as a grey drizzly day turned into a spectacular day of achievements, PB's and teamwork!

Race registration opened at 7:30am, which on a Sunday is pretty early, even for the keenest of early risers. The skys were grey and heavy, this wasn’t going to be a warm dry summers day. Showers were forecast but as most marathon runners know, they are usually more than welcome.

Entrants from all 3 categories gradually filled the McLaren High School car park. The relay runners for the second half looking much more relaxed than most. As 9am approached and all the runners were in position, it was down to Kristen (aged 9), whose ‘Mum and her Mum’s friend’ were doing the relay, to get them going.

Mhor Marathon 2019 start line
5,4,3,2,1 and 400 runners were off!

The course is very much on footpaths and trails, most of them along side lochs. The scenery is stunning, except maybe today, the heavens opened and the rain started to pour. As I met up with runners at the side of Loch Lubnaig at the 6 mile mark, no one seemed disheartened by the weather and the smiles and waves were flowing by me.

The first relay runner got to Mhor 84 really rather quickly and last years winner Neil, was very close behind. I spoke to Neil at the start, he wanted to not only win again but beat his time and get under 3 hours. Judging by his time so far he was on course to do that!

The weather was still grey by the time to main team arrived at Monachyle Mhor but at least it had stopped raining. I wasn’t there long before the call came through to say the leader was on his way to the finish line. It began to look a bit tight for him to be under 3 hours as he crossed the field but he dug deep and managed a time of 2:59:43. Nice one Neil

The 26 mile mark is actually in the middle of a river, entrants don’t have to swim across but they do have to jump in a boat. The crossing is made that little bit more enjoyable with a wee tumbler of Pimms.

Toasting Pimms on the boat during the Mhor Marathon
These guys even managed a toast!

For the next 5 hours runners made their way through the finish line. Run Mhor operates a no time limit race policy, if you’re fit and still running you will not be pulled up for going too slow. With a time of over 7 and a half hours the last runner home was Robin. Here’s what he had to say about the race

Everyone gets to finish their race

Run Mhor Trilogy 2019. Run Mhor races are very well organised with runners being encouraged and supported throughout the whole event by excellent marshals and aid staff. The races are through stunning scenery but they’re no ‘walk in the park’ but this is probably because they take place in the Trossachs so undulations can be expected. They also have, to a greater or lesser degree, multi terrain elements included. All in all they’re brilliant races that are very rewarding to complete. This year I managed to complete the Trilogy but due to circumstances out with my control was not at my best. In the 10k I took a tumble at 7.5k and was net at the finish line by a paramedic who fixed me up. In the half marathon I was last until some steep climbs at 11 miles which enabled to sneak past three other competitors. Then there was the marathon. Well I was well and truly last, by a long way ! Mark, the tail cyclist stayed 200 metres behind me for the entire race and ge had to cycle very slowly. Every single race crew member I met during the race treated me positively and gave me encouragement as if I was in first place. Pete Waugh’s Run Mhor massive really rock and the London Marathon could really learn something from them on how to treat slower runners. Finally the finish. I was overwhelmed at the reception I got. So many people calling my name and cheering me in. I’ve attached a little video a friend took to show you how special the Run Mhor team made me feel. Thank you all so much. Robin #150

Robin Wombill – Facebook


Callander 10K 2024 – Pre-Race

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Callander 10K 2024 – Post-Race

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Callander 10K 2024 – The Riverside

📷 Martin Windebank