Killin 10K & 5K – Race Report

The 2019 Killin 10K & 5K was our biggest yet, with nearly 900 runners racing round the glorious route.

We were promised sunshine by the weather apps but just as the race was starting there was a short shower of rain. Not that many participants were complaining. It’s not that much fun running in 20 degree plus heat.

It took over 3 minutes to get across the line as everyone does the same first 2 kilometres. Runners, who had been here plenty times before, newbies, families, friends, singing groups, running groups, and even local weatherman Windy Wilson were there to have a great race. They were cheering a waving at me as they went by. I was filming for Facebook Live, I think they were glad that I didn’t ambush them for a pre-race interview

I had no sooner finished capturing the fun run and it was announced the first 5K-er was due over the line…Greg Hastie made it back in less than 20 minutes with a chip time of 00:19:42, he was soon followed by the super couple Hilary and Steve Robinson.

Michael Christoforou FLYING round the course

We didn’t have to wait long for the first 10k-er to return either. Michael Christoforou SMASHED the course record by a whole minute, he came home with time of 00:32:02.

But Tay Fitness events are never completely about PB, course records and who finishes first (someone always has to). It’s about getting out and running for the love of it, keeping fit and getting those endorphins going. So for the next hour the other 500 entrants made it across the finish line and as they did Dougie Robertson was there to welcome them home.

Once they were over the line, the first thing many people did was get their FREE pint Belhaven lager. I even met one person who poured it into a water bottle to take home and sup later as they were driving.

Our Killin event will be back next year for it’s 10th year and the idea is to get 1000 people signed up, entries are already open…


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