TFE partner with Food Train Scotland

Support TFE to support Food Train in 2022

Tay Fitness Events are delighted to announce we will be working closely with Food Train Scotland throughout the 2022 season.

Food Train ensures that older people eat well, age well and live well in their own homes as long as they wish. They provide a Shopping Friend Service, a Phone Friend service and a Meal Share service where they match up an older person with a local volunteer to support them with their grocery shopping, provide a home cooked meal or call for a regular blether. They are also working with NHS Forth Valley in order to provide ‘ Home from Hospital’ food packs for older people who have been discharged from hospital to ensure they have food supplies when they get home.

We welcome Morna O’May from Food Train Scotland who will be at registration at all our events.

Morna states “ We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with Tay Fitness Events, their events always attract a large number of participants and it will greatly benefit Food Train Connects to reach such a wide audience in order to increase our fundraising, donations and volunteer recruitment. We are incredibly thankful to Tay Fitness Events for working with us to enable us to support hundreds of older people to be able to be able to eat well, age well and live well”    

We will be asking our participants to bring in and donate a food item from the following list:
  • Porridge pots
  • Small cartons of fruit juice (apple or orange)
  • Tins of soup (meat or vegetarian)
  • Oatcakes
  • Rice pudding or custard pot
  • Cake Bars
  • Tinned meals (meat or vegetarian)
  • Tins of mixed vegetables\
  • Pots of fruit in jelly
  • Fruit and grain bars
  • Malt Drink & Hot Chocolate Sachets
  • Coffee Sachets
  • Tea Bags
  • Milk sticks
  • Sugar Sachets
  • Toilet roll

These items will be divided into ‘Home from Hospital- Food Packs.  The packs are given out to older people over the age of 65 who are being discharged from hospital. To ensure that they have what they need for the first 24 hours back at home.

We are really looking forward to supporting Food Train Scotland over the 2022 season and hope that our participants will join us in supporting older people throughout Central Scotland at a time in their lives when they need it the most.


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