21Km Run Route

The 21Km route is the 2nd run of the Munro route. The first 11.5Km takes runners to the summit of Ben Lawers through and area of astoundingly natural beauty. The route is rugged, steep in places and not for the faint hearted but offers spectacular and unforgettable view of the Lawers Range and Loch Tay below. Waterstops are located at the start, 4Km, 17Km and finish if the route. NOTE: This is the planned route but is subject to all landowner permissions being received. Any slight alterations will be published in due course.

10Km Run Route

The 10Km route is the 2nd run of the Corbett route. The trail path is rough and uneven but offers stunning views to the mountains above. Runners reach the turnaround point after a gradual 5Km climb and then return to the Lodges, soaking up the stunning scenery as they go. Waterstops are located at the start, 4Km, 6Km and finish of the route.

2Km Run Route

The 2Km route is the 1st and 3rd run for both the Munro and Corbett Routes. The first 800m is a gradual uphill climb before a 1Km descent back the transition point. Waterstops are at the start/finish of the route.


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